Five For Friday 33: Games I Want To Play in 2015

I don't really have any gaming goals besides wanting to continue gaming at the rate that I am currently gaming, but there are some games that I am interested in playing in 2015. Here they are in alphabetical order:

  • Dead Inside: This just looks weird and fun and a bit creepy at the same time. The PDQ looks like it is very easy to grab hold of and play for a few sessions as a break from more extended campaigns. New to me.
  • The Esoterrorists: +Tim Shorts ran a session of this for our Monday Night Uber Goobers Gaming Group at Con on the Cob. I am really wanting to finish what we started. I would love another serving of this.
  • Fiasco: Any game inspired by the movie Fargo (among other titles) gets my attention. This just looks like a good time and perfect to play when the GM is unavailable. New to me.
  • GURPS: I have played two different GURPS characters, both in Dungeon Fantasy style games. I would really like to play (not run) a modern or science fiction game. I would love a third helping of GURPS.
  • Microscope: How can I not want to roleplay the whole history of a world? This looks like a blast and could also be way to collaboratively create a campaign setting. New to me.

Given my limited time (except Monday nights), thanks to a bit of success in playing music on the weekends, I am not sure if I will get a chance to play any of the above games. But here is to hoping.