Montporte Mini Monster Manual

An aberration
The Montporte Dungeon Campaign started as a one-shot homebrew adventure that recycled a bit of dungeon I had drawn up for a short-lived online gaming group made up of guys from my original gaming group from 1977-1980 (maybe the subject of a future post). Anyway, I did no world building ahead of our supposed one-shot adventure. We have now had 42 sessions from a one-shot dungeon, which led to me doing a lot of world-building on the fly.

To help keeps things organized for the players, I decided to create a post with some monster notes (this represents only the monsters they have encountered or about which they have some knowledge). I have statted out some of the creatures, using Swords & Wizardry as my rule set. Statted monsters are linked to their original post.

Aberration: Aberrations have their origins in Ioucura (the Plane of Madness). Some aberrations have the ability to induce madness.

Boreal Troll: Boreal trolls are foul fey creatures from the Winter Court of Umírající (the Plane of the Fey). 

Breeder: Nicknamed "breeders" by the player characters, these human cannibals are the twisted descendants of the elementalists who created the upper levels of the Montporte Dungeon. They have discovered the secrets to some powerful magic that has also driven them insane in the process. Elias was their most recent leader, until his was driven away by the player characters. Breeders have a secret ritual, involving the sacrifice of gnomes, that allows them to live forever.

Cave Goat: Cave goats are the camels of the Montporte Dungeon. They are beasts of burden and sources of food and clothing. Everyone loves a good cave goat.

Demon: Demons are powerful evil beings from the plane of Syvyys. Each is unique and each is nasty. They are magic resistant and tough in a fight. Worst of all, they feed off the souls of the mortals they kill. 

Dragon: Dragons live on their own plane, Zaj. Unless killed, dragons live forever. They hoard treasure and knowledge, each dragon seeking to gain a mental archive of the universe. They are not evil or cruel, but they are selfish and aloof. Rumor has it that they are most powerful creatures in the Montporte multiverse. 

Dwarf: Dwarves are one of the two Elder Races of Aarde (the material plane where Montporte exists)--elves being the other Elder Race. They shun large settlements and live in isolated rocky places where they can mine and forge without being pestered by other races.

Elemental: Elementals are a combination of one of the four elements plus the life force, Chi. They exist on the plane of Aarde (there are no elemental planes in the Montporte setting). 

Elf: Elves are one of the two Elder Races of Aarde (the material plane where Montporte exists)--Dwarves being the other Elder Race. Elves shun all other races, living in the remotest wooded areas. Most humans believe that elves are extinct, such is their scarcity among other races. In fact, there are so few of them that elves are in danger of becoming extinct.

Frost Wolf: A nasty, unpleasant canine from the Winter Court of Umírající (the Plane of the Fey). 

Gaunt: Nicknamed "gaunts" by the player characters, these tall mindless humanoids are bred by Elias and his followers to be guards and soldiers on levels 2 and below in the Montporte Dungeon.

Goblin: Goblins are the door-to-door salespeople of Montporte universe. Unlike the typical D&D goblins, Montporte goblins are fey of the Summer Court of Umírající (the Plane of the Fey). They make their living on buying low and selling high to unsuspecting mortals. They are not evil creatures, they just live to make a deal. They make it their business to know everyone and everything, so they are an excellent source of information (at a price). Goblins are tougher than they appear, but they avoid fights by hiring plenty of muscle.

Hobgoblin: Hobgoblins are mean, cruel creatures who bully others. Like goblins, they are involved in commerce. Unlike goblins, hobgoblins using make a living in the slave trade. Hobgoblins owe their loyalty to the Winter Court of Umírající (the Plane of the Fey). They often use Boreal Trolls or Frost Wolves as bodyguards. Hobgoblins are also notorious for their trash talking.

Kobold: Kobolds live in well-organized groups that are in constant war with orcs. Shunning toe-to-toe melee combat, kobolds thrive on sneak attacks, ambushes, and combat from a distance. They celebrate their ability to trick their enemies and then get away. Kobolds are dangerous foes because of their mastery of small unit tactics, their stealth, and their self-discipline.

Meat: Nicknamed "meats" by the player characters, these pathetic mindless humanoids are bred Elias and his followers to be the basic food source of their cannibalistic society.

Oaf: Oafs are large humanoid fey of the Summer Court of Umírající (the Plane of the Fey). They are not evil, but no one loves a good dust up as much an oaf. They are dangerous in a fight and, for this reason, are often used by goblins as bodyguards.

Orcs: Orcs in Montporte are pretty much the standard D&D orcs. They charge into battle with gusto when they think they have an advantage and frantically run away as soon as the going gets tough. Their petty cruelty is the bane of those who live on the edges of civilization. When orcs have the financial means, they hire ogres or even hill giants to do their bullying for them.

Thuragian (Crab Folk): Unpleasant mercenaries who are soldiers for Elias and his followers on Level 2 (and below) of the Montporte Dungeon.

Uyoga (Mushroom People): The colony of uyoga live happily with the elf, Allindrihl, on the second level of the Montporte Dungeon, working a mushroom plantation together. They are protected by a small army of mushroom golems, created and controlled by Allindrihl.