The Deep Dark: That Which Lies Beneath the Montporte Dungeon

The Deep Dark and its denizens are the stuff of legends and myth. Even in a world of wondrous magic, fearsome creatures, and powerful gods, the stories of the Deep Dark are considered kiddie stories. The Deep Dark is akin to Santa's North Pole or Pooh's 100 Acre Wood...a fictional land created to entertain young children, but too twisted and fantastical to be believed.

The Deep Dark wishes it this way. However, a few enlightened sages and brave adventurers know differently. They know that in a remote land far to the east of the Western Kingdoms there is a mountain range whose height and roots and mass stretch the very fabric of the plane of Aarde almost to its breaking point. Under these mountains lie riches so immense they cannot be imagined.

The dwarves are drawn to this area, like moths to the flame. Gold, silver, commercial metals in inexhaustible supply. Gems, like low hanging fruit, ripe for harvest. The dwarves come, as they always do. The dwarves come and they dig and they mine.

And mages and prophets and mystics and outcasts come, beckoned by the siren call of wild magic and transfiguring enlightenment. And they dig to make a home for themselves, they dig to find the source of the magic.

The long parade of dwarves and humans...seeking wealth, seeking knowledge, seeking power, seeking magic. They come and dig.

And they meet those who are digging from below...from the Deep Dark. And they learn the true nature of the Deep Dark of Montporte...the twisted passages, the distorted realities, the insanity of planes intersecting planes, and dimensions spiraling crazily into oblivion. Where even nightmares come to die.

They meet those who are digging upward. And those digging downward are no more.