Montporte Mini Monster Manual II (Undead Edition)

In a previous post, the Montporte Mini Monster Manual, I neglected to mention the undead. The undead of Montporte are the standard D&D undead. However, the player characters have met several additional undead creatures that were not in their textbooks from Adventurer University.

In addition to the usual cast of skeletons and zombies, Montporte has featured the following undead things (statted for Swords & Wizardry):

Aur-Mornder: Undead dwarves whose life force has been completely replaced by greed.

Earth Elemental-Undead Version: Elementals that combine a negative life force and the power of a pure element make for deadly encounters for adventurers.

Fire Skeleton: Flame-throwing skeletons are dangerous creatures.

Jinome: Undead gnomes that have a fair amount of magical means to create mayhem for adventurers.

Petros Skeleton: Undead skeletons whose bone structure includes a high percentage of elemental earth. They are much tougher and nastier than your average undead skeleton.