Good Stuff in the Mail

Another Amazon box arrived at work, bringing a delightful mix of history books and gaming goodness (plus a book for my wife, I should add...I am not all about me, just mostly about me).
The first gaming item is the Pathfinder GameMastery Critical Hit Deck. 52 cards of devastating fun. We had a chance to try them out during our Monday night Montporte Dungeon session when Duncan scored a critical hit while throwing a dagger (a natural 20 plus a second roll scored as a hit). Because we were playing in Google Hangout, I had to draw the card, but there was still a payout. His dagger did double damage to the intended target plus hit and damaged a second target. This turned the tide of the battle in a hurry. Realistic? Maybe not. Fun for our group? Definitely yes.
But the real fun starts when someone rolls a critical miss (a natural 1 plus a second roll that misses). It hasn't happened since we started using the card decks, but it will. I am a big fan of critical misses. Whether we are playing GURPS, Swords & Wizardry, or now Blood & Treasure, critical misses always create more tension and excitement than critical hits. So, to facilitate the fun, I also picked up the Pathfinder GameMastery Critical Fumble Deck. 52 cards of mishaps and mayhem. I can't wait to inflict them on my players use them in our game.