Good Stuff on the Download

I picked up +matt jackson's (Lapsus Calumni) The Shrine of Olikulese from RPGNow today. It is a fantasy adventure for Fate Accelerated. I am up to my earlobes in Fate downloads, as the Fate Kickstarter draws to a close, so it is a groovy thing to have an adventure in hand as both an example for play and for use in game. It was $1.00...like buying something at The Dollar Tree. I also downloaded Matt's Edge of Space RPG, which was at the delightful price of $0.00 (i.e. free).

Having seen +Chris Bard's (The Clash of Spear on Shield) recent post about Delving Deeper, I had to download it as well. Delving Deeper: The Adventurer's Handbook, Delving Deeper: The Referee's Guide, and Delving Deeper: The Monster & Treasure Reference are free for the downloading. It is hard to go wrong there.